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The Game

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG) You want to know!!

Pabgi game

The Game

Pubg is the most famous and trending online multiplayer battle royal game. pabji game till now more than 100 million android users downloaded from play store the game developed and published by pubg corporation subsidiary game company bluehole.people have always wanted a battle royale video game but it never happened. first came the original team deathmatch island battle royal. the Japanese book and movie told the story of 42 students dropped on a deserted island and forced to kill each other until only one was left “player unknown” Brendon Green was not a game designer he was an Irish photographer and web designer . two years later, he was divorced. He was headed to Korea where he got a fascinating offer Chang Han Kim, a Korean game fashioner working for Blue Hole needed to make a Battle Royale game

brendon greene

creative director

Less than one month later, he was Blue Holes, creative director. Battlegrounds were first released for Microsoft Windows via Steam’s early access beta program in March 2017, with a full release on December 2017 The island is the most significant part as well. While Green has said that his group is taking a shot at more maps. A wrangle will consistently be the most notorious thing about Battlegrounds. It’s the game’s fundamental character with well-known tourist spots, wide-open spaces, and strange extraordinary geology. Marshes, farmland, mountains, and towns all blend together to make a background that has quite a bit of a turn in the activity as the players do. For just $20, they got the opportunity to live the dream of enduring the end times.

Most played game on Steam

pabji game was at 2 million, the following month it hit 4 million. In August, Battlegrounds turned into the most played game on Steam as far as simultaneous players. By September, it had beaten Dota 2’s record of 1.29 million simultaneous players By October over 2 million players on Steam. What’s more, turned into the most mainstream game in South Korean PC blasts. At the point when the game broke 2 million duplicates sold, Blue Hole held a philanthropy Invitational competition. A quarter of a year later ESL held the principal significant battlegrounds competition solidifying a conceivable eSports future for the game.


business that he has constantly imagined his mods to be an onlooker sport sometime in the future. Also, his infant was at long last making its first strides Individuals still inquire as to whether battlegrounds can be an e-Sport it has the group of spectators and the player base. Social event 100 individuals for a LAN competition isn’t the least demanding thing on the planet. Which may constrain it to occasions like ESL Ones and Dreamhacks. In any case, eSports isn’t the main spot Battlegrounds is developing.

pabji game


The game is selling an ever-increasing number of duplicates constantly and much greater organizations are paying heed. Tencent made an arrangement to distribute the game in China Epic Games who helped with adjusting the Unreal Engine for Battlegrounds Made a battleground enlivened play mode for their game Fortnite  Furthermore, Microsoft touted a coordinated reassure select rendition of battlegrounds for Xbox one at E3 2017. We can hardly wait to bring Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds only to Xbox One in the not so distant future. With an update for Xbox One X improvements shipping with the last form, There’s no sign that the game will quit developing at any point in the near future. That just gives Battlegrounds a larger number of opportunities to enhance and be superior to the challenge pabji game


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